Whether you’re a budding golfer or a pro player, one can always learn an etiquette or two on how to play golf.

Golf has been around since the 15th century and it took many forms over the years before it became the sport we know today. Nevertheless, golf is one of the few sports that manage to be enjoyed by all ages.

The game of golf is the perfect hobby while the world is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. It is outdoors, you can still hang out with minimal contact, it is a good exercise, and you can practice social distancing while you’re at it. If you have a scheduled golf game soon, read on the protocols on and off the court to avoid awkward stares and embarrassing stories

1. Mind your pace

Although golf has a slow pace compared to other intense sports, it shouldn’t take too long before you hit the club. The general rule is one to two practice swings then you should be ready to hit the ball on your turn. Observe a half hole distance between you and the group behind you to know when to strike.

2. One swing at a time

Imagine a course where every golfer swings their club at the same time, crazy right? Ideally, the player who scored a birdie or the best among the golfers wins the hole. That player has the “honor” and tees off first. Whoever is the furthest from the hole hits next after that. Do note that a “ready golf” game means that any player who is ready can hit regardless of their score or position. If all the players say that they can see the cup, the player closest to the hole should remove the flagsticks or pins once the play putts. Some players prefer leaving the pins to locate the cup quickly.

3. Always shout “fore”

Pronounce as the number “four”, this term is used to warn everyone on the course about a ball that has gone astray. When you hear anyone shouting “fore”, immediately move and check if a ball is about to hit you. On the other hand, if the ball’s direction is not where you intended it to be, yell “fore” as loud as you can as a warning to everyone on the course. If you can, it is better to shout “left fore” or “right fore” to be more specific

4. The golf course is your home

And you should treat it as such. Golf course maintenance is hard and doing your part in taking care of it can go a long way. If there isn’t any sign about golf carts, ask if it can be taken on the grass or remain on the cart path. Keep in mind that you cannot drive the golf cart near the putting green to avoid damaging that area. At times, a piece of the turf, called a divot accidentally sticks to the club after hitting too hard. When this happens, replace it by pressing the divot firmly back into the area using your foot or use a seed mix to fill the hole. If your shot leaves a ball mark, do not forget to fix it or ask anyone to assist you before leaving that area.

5. Keep the distance

Playing golf requires concentration, and sometimes people standing in places they shouldn’t takes that away from the person putting It is important that you monitor where you stand. Check if you are away from the ball several yards away and stand well off to the side. Be careful not to step on the lines of other player’s balls when you walk on the green. 

A Final Word on Golf Etiquette

Remember, you can always ask anyone on the course if something confuses you. It saves time and makes everyone safe on course. Now, all you need to do is buy sportswear and go to the nearest course for a good game of golf!