Fun Facts: The Lighter Side of Golf

One of the world’s most popular actors, Samuel L. Jackson, is also an avid golfer. In fact, the star of flicks like “Pulp Fiction” and “Django Unchained,” has a contract clause to play golf twice a week whenever he films movies.

(Source: Golf Now’s “25 Golf Fun Facts”)

Golf swings are like fingerprints — no two are the same. There can be — and often times are — similarities between swings, but even with those similarities, there are a number of idiosyncrasies that define each player’s action.


The “Happy Gilmore swing,” featuring a walking or running approach, is often imitated or attempted for fun, including by touring golf professionals. In fact, three-time major champion Pádraig Harrington is particularly well known for his impression and even uses the technique in training.

It’s pretty widely accepted that golf began in Scotland 500+ years ago. The Chinese, however, claim to have invented a similar game during the Song dynasty as far back as 943 A.D.

Source: American Golf’s “10 Weird Facts About Golf”